There are many positives and negatives to owning a small business.

In my case, the biggest positive is the flexibility I have.   You can work the hours that you want to work, choose the clients that you want to work with, and, set the direction in which you want your business to run in.

At the start of the month, I was able to use this flexibility to honour a commitment that I made to my sister:  that I would be there for my niece’s first day of Prep.

My niece was a bundle of excitement and nerves as she was posing for photos in her uniform with her parents, her little brother and her Nanna (aka my Mum).   And, as is always the case, she was happy to see her Uncle Mark.

Small business ownership gives flexibility, but we always have to keep our eye on the prize.

Small business ownership gives flexibility, but we always have to keep our eye on the prize.

We got to her school and there were more photographs.    And then we found the room that starts the long journey down the education pathway.   She met her teacher and her fellow students; and then it was time for the hard work to get started.

Of course, there was work to do for me to do to catch up.   It was a pleasure to be there for an occasion that she will never have again, and to say that I was there was a big tick for being a business owner.

There is never a dull moment as a small business owner, and this was something I will treasure forever.

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